A Comedy Music Experience

Two comedic forces have joined to create
the ultimate comedy music experience!


Vilmos has been criss crossing the US and Canada performing comedy since 1992. Armed with nothing more than his sarcastic view on life and a set of wheels; he has has entertained crowds in comedy's most prominent and notorious rooms.

Vilmos is not only a touring stand up comedian. He is an acclaimed writer having been a contributor to Life & Style Weekly Magazine. He also puts his satirical view of life to good use when he writes entries in his extremely popular online blog.

Mikey Mason

Mikey Mason is a comedy monster. A naughty cartoon character. An experiment gone wonderfully wrong.

He explodes onstage with unfathomable energy, relentlessly pounding away at his audience with a wit as fast as his mouth, infectiously hilarious original songs, and his completely twisted world view.

He's the psycho stalker ex-boyfriend of comedy, except that you want to see him again. And again. And again.